In the 1970’s our company was already making educational equipment, and had the good fortune to count pioneer establishments as clients. 

             During the following years, despite the wars and successive difficulties which confronted Lebanon, our company progressively evolved from a crafts workshop, to an industrial manufacturer and a professional supplier for imported laboratory equipment.

              In 1983, we relocated to Mansourieh (7 km of Beirut), in order to gather all the company’s departments in one environment friendly complex responding perfectly to our needs. 

            The business strategy in which we placed our confidence now enables us to meet the ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems requirements and to offer affordable high quality products, thus increasing exportation.

             Our long-standing experience has been a continual collaboration between know-how and modernity. This experience involves assured principles, a competent staff (with an average age of no more than 35), and regular investments in our Research and Development Department, which account for more than  10% of our turnover.

             Moreover, the company and capital are still principally led by Georges Hatem the General Manager, which is not only a guarantee of reliability, but also of maintaining strategic development.

             This coherence and stability preserve in the long term our strong vocation.

             In spite of the family like vocation of our company, a business plan exists, and the different company processes are continuously improved by a staff with various skills and competences, whose contributions enable us to form our decisions according to diverse situations and requirements, in order to assure full customer satisfaction and continuous growth.

* Fast Delivery: BEL Labtronic carries extensive stock for immediate delivery

* Reliable Products: Over three decades of distribution and production of laboratory requirements

* Extensive Warranty: All BEL labtronic products benefit from life-long after sales services


Head Office: Hatem Bldg. - Bedran Street - Mansourieh - Metn - LEBANON
         Tel:  (+961) 4 400006
         Fax: (+961) 4 409215


..Organization Chart    

The following organization chart describes how the company is organized.